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Thank you for all that you do for us.My Hero

This site is dedicated to the great heroes of our time the service men and women of the United States.          Thank you.....

Let me start off by saying thank you to our great service men and women. Also let me say that I am greatly indebted to all of you .

 I was in a restaurant the other day and I saw a father and his son who was in the military  and I couldn’t help myself ,I had to buy their lunch.

You see I am an American and I feel so grateful that we were blessed and have you doing what you do so very well. I like all of you, listen to  the news media talk about Abu-Gray and a few marines that lost their cool one day and may have made a mistake or two. The media goes on and on about the things that they perceive to be wrong. I am very concerned that  all of you military personnel hear this way too much and as a result lose sight of the truly great things that you do on a daily basis. I for one can’t begin to understand how you feel getting up every morning and heading out to a war zone. Being there in the sites of a insurgens weapon and watching the bullet enter into the body of a fellow service person. The great courage you have to get up the next morning and do it all over again.

Being an American and growing up in this sheltered country, because of people like you I have no back ground to relate to the experience that you are going through. There are great heroes like you that have taken that burden away from me and have taken it onto yourself. I simply can not understand what you must be going through. I have never seen a man shot out of a Humvee, I have never been in the back of a Humvee when a insurgen lobed a rocket launched grenade into the Humvee killing or wounding my friends. How you feel in these times is beyond the comprehension of most Americans, because of the production of an overwhelming population of heroes such as yourselves. I don’t know why our famous media can’t report on these things. This is why I created this site, for you to understand that there are people that appreciate what you do for us.

Now with that said, there is something that you will never understand. You will never understand how proud I was of you when you so successfully made it to Baghdad. You will never understand how grateful I am that you took the fight to the terrorist and led the fight away from my country. You’ll never know how proud I am of you that my country is safe because of your commitment. Every night when I lay my head down to go to sleep ,I think of all of you. I worry about you and hope you make it through another day. I also give thanks for you and I know very well  of your great sacrifices that are made by you and your families so that I could lay down my head in peace.

I would also like to add for whoever it may concern. A war is the direct result of two people that both believe they can win a armed conflict. You didn’t do well in history in school did you geniuses.

                                       THANK YOU ALL..

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